Lost Expeditions

Lost expeditions



A meteor has fallen down on Earth and an unknown life form has started to spread in specified radius. After the very last message sent by one of explorers that has never returned, humanity has only 100 days to figure out the life form before it breaches its containment.
Play as one of the many brave people that are sent in, with no point of return. Try to establish a signal with the outside world, survive the mystic environment, and most importantly gather samples and find out what’s going on.


You travel to the zone where research stations have been established by other explorers. Every time a signal is lost, it’s a sign that last explorer didn’t make it. A new explorer has to be sent in, in order to try to continue the research. The main task is to get as many alien life form samples as possible. The goal is to send it back to the outside world, any way possible, to study it and eventually find a way to protect ourselves against it.



The game is designed around death. You can choose from various characters to start with but each one has different lifespan and different skills. After each death you loose the character and part of the progress but the research must go on. Every restart of the game is presented with new opportunities. The time is limited. The player has to finish the game before the life forms spreads outside the zone.


You play in a dark, cold and abandoned area where an unknown alien life form is slowly spreading and corrupting everything around. Animals, lost researchers, villagers, everything falls under the life form’s wrath. Try to stay sane in insanity inducing darkness and use your remaining time wisely.


Every game time is limited to our 100 days. If that information is true, nobody knows, but it is believed that the lifeform will start to spread exponentially after this period. Find the lifeform, explore the world to get more samples, build tools and fix machines in order to progress faster with your research. More research done means more explorations and more possibilities.


Everything is mutating around you, yourself included. Since you are analyzing biological sample of the alien lifeform, you can find ways to include it into your own DNA – with positive effects and negative ones. Unfortunately, you will find out soon that without these mutations it is very hard to survive. Can it maybe fix your condition entirely?

We are building a game in which you can start to play and immediately understand it’s mechanics and design.  It’s familiar but it’s also unique. We have little twists and surprises for the player and thanks to this our game is also refreshing. Because we believe that indie games have great opportunity to experiment with our beloved video game medium. You are welcome to explore with us these new lands of experience.

Your new playground

Siberian lowlands

We are developing on top of Unreal Engine.


We are designing our models, atmosphere, animations, sound and C++ code, all in-house. 

With help of Unreal Engine, FMOD, Quixel, we are crafting the atmoshpere and experience that we want to portray.



our first game is ambitious…

…but we’re not delusional. We’re following an iterative production model, supported by crowdfunding and private investment. Aiming for a best possible quality while remaining a small studio with extremely fast turnover, ready to face the challenges of indie game production!

Next step will be releasing an Kickstarter campain.


creating and crafting our version of gaming

Enigmatic Machines s.r.o. was founded in 2014. Since then we have been relentlessly creating for clients and art installations. 18 months ago, a new chapter was written, we decided to become an indie video game studio. Albeit being a team of 4, we pack a lot of punch! We’ve joined forces when we decided to change the way video games and creative experiences are birthed.

never stop



A survival sandbox, where we combine harsh and deep environment, with cyber-punkish soviet machines that you can build, upgrade and manage. Build sensors which can predict storms. Build gadgets that enable you see things that the human eye can’t. Build shelters, reinforce them in order to survive the outside dangers. Place beams so you can find you way back, and craft items, like ropes, engines, masks, that can get you forward.


check out some screenshots




we are Enigmatic Machines

Pavel Nečas

world engineer / game designer

5+ years experience in Unreal Engine. He always has been an avid gamer. Started his career in an event content production about ten years ago, building creative solutions for new problems, pushing the technological boundaries. Building a game is the best way to use all his multiple skills and create something bigger.
  • Pioneer in projection mapping, developing reusable tools and installations around the world
  • Specialize in connecting technology and art
  • He worked in Sweden, Netherlands, USA for clients such as Facebook, Instagram, Phillips, BMW.

Michal Henzl

gameplay programmer / game designer

5+ years of experience with Unreal Engine 4. He has always been fascinated by the grey area where technology and art meets. He worked on various project involving real-time projections, VR experiences and Art installations.
  • Studied Cinematography
  • Worked on real-time projections for big clients like BMW or Autodesk
  • Programme automotive VR for unique 8K headset https://vrgineers.com

Josef Hník

3D artist / level and environment designer

As a travelling photographer, he always had an eye for colors and lighting, eventually leading him to explore further skills and naturally became a 3D artist. His approach of world building is all about making it feels lively and natural.
  • Processing of mo-cap data for Prague National Museum, Laterna Magika and film archive
  • Worked on 3D environments for BMW
  • Built outdoor climbing walls in the heart of German and Czech nature

Martin Klar

producer / investor

Martin is the producer of the Enigmatic Machines development team.
He is the founder and owner of the investment and trading company M.K.Invest Group

  • He likes to follow new trends and invest in interesting projects and startups
  • He is active in Motorsport
  • He believes LOST EXPEDITIONS has great importance and potential in the world of games

Sing up for our





Enigmatic Machines LTD.

69, Esker Wood Drive

Lucan CO. Dublin, Ireland

Czech Republic

Enigmatic Machines, s.r.o.

El.Krásnohorské 11/133

Praha 1, Czech Republic

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